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1940's Woodward Machine Co. Factory Machinist Task Lamp

$ 900.00

Highly sought after, Highly collectable. Woodward Machine Co lamps are considered rare in the world of Task/Machinist lamps and are desirable due to their beefy, over engineered cast iron joints with the flexibility to configure many ways.

Woodward Machine Co. Factory decommissioned Machinist task lamp from the 1940s-1950s. Very simply designed yet versatile in its simplicity. Woodward Machine Co is manufacture marking on this lamp and were created right here in Detroit. The lamp is primarily steel but with cast iron joints.

This fully-articulating task lamp was originally a machine-mounted lamp which can be mounted to a wall on a vertical plain or on a desk, or any horizontal plain. The base allows for either vertical or horizontal mounting of the steel shaft to whatever fits your needs.

The original wiring has been replaced with a vintage-style cloth wires, 8-feet in length upon the exit of the lamp to the vintage style plug.

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